Discover what’s left in the ancient elven city of Arcadia. Corruption is spreading and every 10 second interval counts. Explore a handcrafted pixel art world with RPG elements in a nostalgic Isometric perspective and art style!

Game can be played using your mouse!


Arto "Arzi" Koistinen - (Most) Programming, Story, Level Design

Luna "RunicPixels" van Egdom - Pixel Art, Shaders, Level Design, Programming

"Flashkirby" - UI, Pixel Art, Programming, Music Systems, Sounds.

"Vorpal Lance Music" - Music Composition

Development log


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A very cute game. There’s some cool ideas with skill choice, but there is a lack of UI clarity when it comes to which units are close to what, how far you can move, etc.

I think this kind of setting and playstyle can easily be expanded, and I enjoyed a small glimpse into this world.

I tried this game but I feel that it is a little unplayable. There are a few major bugs that break the game. One of which is that when I just ran away from the combat and talked to an npc it says battle failed and I died. Another one is when moving from the slums back to another area, the game does a soft reset and I am back at the beginning of the game but with the upgrades I got. Another bug that i found is when going to the north, I somehow got randomly transported to another area that seems to be somewhere far in the game. I can provide videos that showcase this bugs or glitches to help you identify them

However what I do like about this game is the sprite work and the isometric view of it. Combat although a little jank is fine. I hope you can fix this things post game jam!

Thanks! We're working on a small patch that irons out some of the issues, thank you for your bug report, I've added your concerns to our bug tracker. ^-^

I'm happy to hear you like the sprites! It was a lot of fun to work on them!