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Well this game is simply adorable. I felt an immediate affinity for the characters, whose qualities are so ubiquitous that they feel timeless and immortal. My only concern regards the narrator, who somewhat lacks charisma and presence. This is not the same thing as an empty canvas for the player to project one’s own strengths and insecurities. It is a markedly WEAK character. I would consider changing the vocal tone.


Overall, this is a charming R.P.G. and a delightful diversion. You succeeded in instant immersion. I hope for a sequel. I also would like to invite you to Dream Jam, while it’s not too late.

Lin Ji.



Nice and short, funny with nice art. Definitely worth the play-through.

good game now it's one of my favorites

Short, but this game keeps me hooked until the end! The art style is cute and the humor is welcome. Thanks for putting this out there!


Short but very funny! KUTGW. 

Such a lovely art style woah :') I wish I could help with the art side of this game!

Very enjoyable! The art was amazing, gameplay was interesting and the writing was hilarious. 

Thank you!! i hope we get a sequel :-)

wow never though they'd break the fourth wall

Cool game :)

what engine did you use ?

It's made in Unity.


I hope you can continue to make a full-fledged game like this in the future. It was definitely entertaining. 


Thank you! We'll see... :)


Lovely game, easily one of my favorites pixel rpg games i ever played ^_^. I am looking forward to a sequel  :) :) :)


Thank you! Let's see what we can come up with! :)


This is such a fun game!


I can't wait for the sequel! 


Could you upload a downloadable .exe version? I really want to play this but it doesn't work in my browser :(

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Not required; you can 'install' the game using the desktop application/launcher.  :)

This method lets you play it offline without a standard web browser :)


Dude, so damn good;)

Very nice art and animations.
I also enjoyed the writing and humour-style.
Good luck on your future projects!

Very fun and funny

This game is very cute. Thanks for making it!



If you thought I wouldn't notice the Gloryhammer references, you are dead wrong my friend. Good job by the way


Hail hoots! Epic war is fight!


Really well done for the given time!

I enjoyed playing this game. Cool art and nice story. No issues or bugs while playing.
God job!

Thank you! Glad you liked it :)

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