You can now play the expanded DX version of the game in Steam or by downloading Windows or Mac-version below. The WebGL version is the original Ludum Dare game without the extra content or translations.

Check out the sequel, Ignis Universia: Awakening of the Erudite Empress!

The world of Universia is in flames!

The dread wizardess Galgatax has awoken yet again and it's up to you to find the Chosen Sisters and travel to the Hellfire Peak to defeat the monster that has been summoned.

Ignis Universia: Eternal Sister Saga is a short but epic visual novel/JRPG made for Ludum Dare 45 by a small team in Tampere, Finland.

Music by YouFulca (


Ignis DX - 42 MB
Ignis DX - 39 MB

Development log


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nice game ,um yeah nice game




im an idiot theres a sequel sorry

Hello how are you??

very much enjoyed it! 

Loved it, fun game

good and funny game i like it :)




i think i beat the game without every character and it wasn't supposed to be like that,

i thought i needed to beat the horse and then beat the blue lady.

and it took me like 5 minutes of hitting, shielding, and healing every turn to beat it, at one point i accidentaly attacked instead of healing, but the horse was nice and didn't attack the same girl, so they lived.

epik breaking the game moment


"the horse was nice" is probably my favourite feedback about this game ever.


thank you, thank you, if i get lucky, i dont say i was lucky, i just say the enemy was nice



EDIT:lol this is a joke take ur time xd

I'm late to the party but I played this and enjoyed it A LOT.

Looking forward to that sequel now :) I'll pay any price!

Thanks for making the video!

You had really bad luck with the Death Ravager enemy! 

So you mean it wasn't supposed to go like that? :(

Not exactly. It always starts with the shield + poison, but after that it does it randomly with maybe 33% chance. 


We just murdered an innocent man, and we're just gonna skip over that???


RIP Grub.

this is really fun :O

looking forward to a sequel, if possible!

it was so fun ! i'm actually looking for a longer sequel now !


Wtf this is just fun and cute and gamey and *cracks open a beer* just makes me laugh so flipping hard.

(1 edit) (+1)

wow even if it was short it felt good to play with it.

(guys like when a girl says that, huh?)

(1 edit)

You aren't funny.


(ok fine, that was pretty funny. And yes, yes they do.)


zYes. Yes. Yes. Love it, helped with my turnbased RPG skills as well, pls do make a sequel this is "30 replies so there should be a sequel" worthy


The design is so cute! And the game is really funny to play. The game is short but it was quality time! Thank for your hard work!

What's the name of the credits song?

It was amazing! I want more!


Oh, come on is that it?! I want more! ;(

It was super cute and i loved it! 

I loved it!

It was cute and funny :)

it's an amazing game !! it was short but still super good

Why do I get Gundam Seed vibes from the end credits song..? 

Curiosity aside, this is amazing. First time I've felt a sense of completeness & good vibes from a short game. And that means I'll tear it limb from limb as a living-undead example, like any creative.


Amazing! Hope to see more from you! Perhaps... a sequel? :)

Also, maybe it would be cool to give the Zero guy some specific powers and a place in the battle. I wonder what does he do while the girls kick asses. Just sitting watching the fight from a distance?

Mordina is so OP by the way


AMAZING! Super cute art, hilarious story. LOVE IT! LOVE IT!

Love the game but that credits song is definitely copyrighted don't tell anyone 

whats the song called

It's the last song (Lunatic Dance) from here:


I really really loved this game. I hope you consider making a ... sequel :)

Well this game is simply adorable. I felt an immediate affinity for the characters, whose qualities are so ubiquitous that they feel timeless and immortal. My only concern regards the narrator, who somewhat lacks charisma and presence. This is not the same thing as an empty canvas for the player to project one’s own strengths and insecurities. It is a markedly WEAK character. I would consider changing the vocal tone.


Overall, this is a charming R.P.G. and a delightful diversion. You succeeded in instant immersion. I hope for a sequel. I also would like to invite you to Dream Jam, while it’s not too late.

Lin Ji.



Nice and short, funny with nice art. Definitely worth the play-through.

good game now it's one of my favorites

Short, but this game keeps me hooked until the end! The art style is cute and the humor is welcome. Thanks for putting this out there!


Short but very funny! KUTGW. 

Such a lovely art style woah :') I wish I could help with the art side of this game!

Very enjoyable! The art was amazing, gameplay was interesting and the writing was hilarious. 

Thank you!! i hope we get a sequel :-)

wow never though they'd break the fourth wall

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