Version 1.2!

This is a Post-LD version with mostly bug fixes, but also some other improvements!

  • Enemies have death animations. While these were all made during the weekend, we didn't have time to add them until after the deadline.
  • Teleports: the respawn points can now be used to teleport to places, reducing the time you need to spend running around.
  • UI improvements: some new art and generally smoother UI experience, including button prompts.
  • Added a new item: Soul Shield that was planned for the original, but was left out due to lack of time
  • Fixed a lot of the enemy designs

If you want to play the original jam build, please visit the Ludum Dare page.

You're the newly appointed guardian of the Fairy Forest! It's the easiest job in the world! Absolutely nothing can go wrong! Or so they say...

Keyboard Controls (also works with a controller!):

- Use W, A, S and D to move around and E to interact with the environment.

- Press Space to use your currently equipped weapon.

- With Tab you can open the inventory. Use this to consume items or equip weapons.

- With Q you can easily cycle between your weapons.

The soundtrack is available to listen to at SoundCloud!


Arto Koistinen
Danae Dekker
Luna van Egdom
Frank Rombouts
Esther Bos


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it deletes my previous weapon when i get a new one : (
also i think the ice wand is not doing any damage

You can use Q to switch back. Ice Wand doesn't do damage, only freezes enemies.

yeah but

that was the problem the [Q] key wasnt working 
it erased from my inventory and kept going back to the new weapon