Update 14th April 2023:

Fixed the following crashes:

- Crash when bleeding to death

- Crash when using Nanofix

- Crash when enemy that is last in the turn order dies from bleeding

Other fixes:

- Reward money is now actually added to your funds

- Fire button is read when it's pressed down, not when released

I don't have a place to easily share the original version, and as the above crashes made it nearly unplayable anyway, I don't see much point either. Please take this into account when judging for 7DRL.

Made in 7 days for #7DRL.

I ran out of time before I could make any ingame instructions, so here's the gist:

Overdrive is very important. You can use it to boost results when shooting and evade lethal hits. If it reaches 5, you are not able to evade anymore and any additional point of OD has a 50% chance of you going boom

You need to equip any weapons you have in the start of the mission, no auto equip even if they were equipped in the last run.

Five wounds equals death. If you're bleeding, you have 20 turns to live unless you use Nanofix or Bandages to stop the bleeding.


WASD/Arrows/Left Stick/D-Pad: Move

Space/South Button: Fire, select

Z/Esc/East Button: Cancel

I/North Button: Inventory

E/Q/Shoulders: Cycle target

Music: https://rustedstudio.itch.io/cybertracks-volume-1

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AuthorArto Koistinen
GenreRole Playing
TagsSeven Day Roguelike Challenge, Pixel Art, Roguelike


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Bug: Completing item recovery missions does not award cash.

Game is otherwise fun, if incomplete.

Should be fixed now for both mission types.

Not sure this game is working properly. Seemed to crash when using Nanofix, and possibly bandages weren't working properly and bleeding out crashed things too.

I haven't been able to repro the crash, so this helps a lot! Thanks!

If you haven't had a chance too, I made a video playing your game:

Thanks for playing! I uploaded a new version that fixes the crashes, at least. 

You're right that there should definitely be more feedback for the player, but I ended up prioritising some wrong things. I'll possibly do a new build with some of the most glaring issues fixed after the rating period.

I think you did GREAT in 7 days! This must have been hard! Please keep working on it!