Ignis Universia is Expanding!


Because today nothing of note is happening anywhere in the world, we thought it would be awesome to share some news!

We heard it's all the rage nowadays to make this extended remakes of games just a year two ago, so we thought we'd be royally screwed if we didn't remake or remaster a special definitive edition of Ignis Universia! So raise your glasses (not you, Silvanna) for 


While not an actual sequel many have been waiting for, it is a step towards that direction and more of an enhanced 1.5 ReMIX version. We'll be releasing it on Steam to see how it does and hopefully gather enough interest to enable us to make the actual sequel!

So, what's in the DX?

- A completely new side quest!
- Leveling and new character abilities! 
- Polish and a lot of small fixes!

We'd be super happy if you'd go to the link below and wishlist the game! It will be free like the original, but wishlisting it still gives us much-needed visibility (yes, we ARE doing this for exposure!)


Is the DX version also coming to Itch.io?

Yes! But it will be a downloadable version and the WebGL game will remain as the Ludum Dare original. 

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Yay! I really enjoyed the original so I'm super glad to hear about this expanded version. I hope you get all the clout to make a sequel in the future!

Ohhh yeah, it's that time of the year again!