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Ignis Universia: Awakening of the Erudite Empress is a funny and cute JRPG/Visual Novel hybrid about four women destined to save the world. Game parodies and references the genre, as well as other fiction and music with fourth wall breaking humour. It has a tactical battle system that is 100% turn-based.

This is a new demo that we developed for our Kickstarter campaign in February 2022. Campaign was successful and development continues!

If you want to give us feedback, you can do it here or in Ignis Universia's Discord https://discord.com/invite/sTE5DxCP4J

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Ignis2-KS-Demo-RC2.zip 624 MB

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This demo is up again??? Woot! I was on a break the last time the demo was up but I think I have a game I need to Let's Play ASAP.

Cool! Please share us your feedback after you have played it.

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good prototype

Really cool project! I never played the first game but it was easy enough to get into this one. The writing and humor is pretty charming! Gameplay wise, exploring environments was interesting thanks to the different character abilities and banter between characters while exploring. The battle system has some pretty interesting ideas as well with turn order and abilities being somewhat randomized. It makes battles a bit more dynamic and engaging. 

Looking forward to the full game!


Thanks! Glad you liked it!