It's coming back stronger! Ignis Universia is coming back to Kickstarter!

Raise your swords, pints, smartphones, anime figurines or whatever you have at hand, because we’re back!

Our first campaign didn’t meet its goal but we don’t give up! Since then, we read all your feedback and adjusted our design accordingly. Some of the changes were big and have led the game to feel more like the first Ignis Universia episode. We think you’re going to love it! 

Your undying (not undead, definitely not undead, hush, zombie!) support means a lot to us! We’re very happy to have you onboard!

Shorter, story-driven games -- especially Visual Novels -- are notoriously difficult to find external funding for, as the publishers voraciously hunt for the next battle royale shooter or open world action adventure. Kickstarter campaigns like this are a crucial source of support for small developers like us, so thank you for all your help so far! 

Jump in (or buckle up, if you’re on the other side of the big pond!) and let’s start this ride together. Follow the pre-campaign page in Kickstarter!

Let’s make it happen this time!

The Devs

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